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Our Mares

QMF's Hearts A fire

aka "FIRE"

A/R 31" solid chestnut mare sired by our MAJOR ( A Diamond Orion Major) out of Shadybrook Chickadee.


Fire is one of the sweetest horses we've ever had the privilege  of owning.  She's a do anything you ask her kinda gal. She has produced some great foals over the years, all with her sweet temperament.  She's Orion x Rhotens Little Dandy bred. 

Fire's Foals


QMF She Sparkles


A/R Amber champagne mare of Jandts breeding. Sparkle is a stand out in our herd, rock solid broodmare that produces some of our favorite foals! We had her Dam for over 20 years and this line never fails to produce consistently

Sparkle's Foals

Quarter Moon Farms She Sparkles.jpeg

QMF She Shimmers


A/R Gold champagne pinto beauty out of our all time favorite mare Harmony Hills Little Ashley, her sire was a gorgeous amber champagne overo stallion going back to the Sugar Sugar line of champagnes. She's 30" of shimmering Arabian beauty. She has had some of our more spectacular foals. She's also one of the sweetest mares on Earth and will always remain here with her sister My Hearts Desire.

Shimmer's Foals

Quarter Moon Farms SHe Shimmers.jpg

QMF's MyHeartsDesire

aka "DESIRE"

A/R bay roan beauty. Desire is another farm favorite, a sister to She Shimmers, both out of our all time favorite mare Harmony Hills Little Ashley. Desires sire is of course, our retired, Orion bred, bay roan MAJOR. Desire never fails to produce some exciting foals. All legs and full of maximum attitude! 

Desire's Foals