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Quarter Moon Farm

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About us

Quarter Moon Farm aka QMF is a long established American Miniature Horse Breeder.  We strive and succeed in our breeding for performance oriented quality minis that can compete in all classes. Our horses are AMHA and AMHR registered, Parentage Qualifed. They receive regular health checks, vaccinations, and farrier care, and are handled daily.


In addition to horses, we also raise registered KuneKune pigs and offer German Sparkly and Celadon quail, which produce beautifully colored eggs and chicks.


For meat lovers, we provide processed meat from our quail and offer Western Heritage miniature beef, with the option of purchasing halves.


And if you're in need of poultry, we have you covered as well. At Quarter Moon Farm, we strive to offer a diverse range of high-quality livestock products.


from the FARM
to the FRIDGE

Quarter Moon Farm is a farm that offers a variety of high-quality products straight from the farm to your fridge.


Our farm is proud to provide a selection of beef, poultry, duck, and pork, ensuring you have access to delicious and nutritious protein options.


With a commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices, ensuring that our animals are raised in a healthy and humane environment, Quarter Moon Farm ensures that you and your family can enjoy wholesome and delicious farm-fresh products every time.

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